Ron Paul crashes GOP debate, launches 2016 presidential campaign

Ron Paul emerged from political retirement in a theatrical stunt at last night’s CNN Republican debate.

The moment arrived just seconds after front runner and comedian Donald Trump used the forum to insult the looks of Ron Paul’s son, the late Senator Rand Paul.

Paul, a former Texas congressman and presidential candidate, descended from the rafters wearing a trench coat, the colors of ISIS and brandishing a black baseball bat.

Interestingly, Paul said nothing at his appearance, opting instead to just point the baseball bat at the candidates and staring at the camera before ascending back into the rafters.

This morning, the Paul camp released a video announcing their intention to run for President in 2016.

Steve Borden, the campaign spokesman, said Paul’s new strategy of silence, darkness and intimidation has been carefully crafted and is expected to play well with “an electorate which is becoming increasingly enamored more with character over substance.”

“It’s really the best of both worlds,” said Borden. “Those who care about character get the benefit of a compelling freak show, and those who want substance at least get the benefit of voting for a guy who intelligent enough to openly and cynically exploit this fact.”

Ron Paul's new campaign logo.

Ron Paul’s new campaign logo.

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