Stubhill News endorses Donald J Trump

The staff of Stubhill News is officially endorsing Donald J Trump for president.

In these trying times it is important for those behind the institutions which serve as the pillars of polite society to make known the best choices to keep strong our foundations. Stubhill News, not being one of these fine institutions, has the privilege of choosing the candidate which will best suit our own interests.

Over the last year and a half our relationship to the Trump campaign has morphed into an obvious symbiosis. Slowly, we find it harder and harder to write about anything else. Trump is intoxicating in how easy he is to write about. Quite frankly, we long for the day when we don’t have to write about anything else.

It is clear to us that a Clinton presidency will be really boring to write about. What are we going to do? Write pointed pieces about the horrors of her unchecked continuation of neoconservative foreign policy that liberals are more than happy to turn a blind eye to when it is their candidate applying the political pressure. Ha! Not. Likely. That kind of material is simply not going to bring in the tens of dollars that keep this site firing on all cylinders.

Trump is a dynamic figure that inspires both awe and clicks. We will not stand idly by while the rest of the media tarnishes the name of the greatest comedian the world has ever seen.  Who cares who he shoots or touches or who his supporters eat? Who cares if he was arrested and accused of vandalizing the space-time continuum, or that he isn’t even running for president anymore? We’re talking about a Pulitzer Prize winner capable of winning the endorsements of Ed Bighead, El Chapo and ISIS. A man with unparalleled investment savvy and an unrivaled willingness to sacrifice for his country!

If you ask us, it couldn’t be more clear, Donald J Trump is the white man for the job!

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