Ed Bighead endorses Donald Trump


Ed Bighead, the famously ornery neighbor of Rocko from “Rocko’s Modern Life”, announced his support for the presidential campaign of Donald Trump today.

“He was an extreme force for good in the city of O-Town,” said Trump in response to the endorsement.  “Whether he was actively trying to get Rocko’s property condemned or adamantly refusing to recycle, he was making a positive impact in his community by not caring about being politically correct”

Trump continued his praise of Bighead when talking about his long-time employer, Conglomo.  “Conglomo seems like a great company, they do great business.  They remind me a lot of my company, and I would love to do business with them in the future.”  He specifically praised Conglomo’s use of the magic meatball. “Their magic meatball tactic is brilliant, and much like a contactor, you don’t have to pay for its service.”

Not all O-town residents have been as supportive of the Donald, notably Rocko’s friend Filbert, who has accused Trump of being insensitive to the squeamish.

“I think Filbert the turtle has been very unfair to me,” said Trump.  “No one respects turtles more than me. I understand he suffers from health issues but one thing you’ve got to understand about me is that I am probably the most nauseous person there is, and despite that I’ve still managed to dominate the polls so I would love his support if I could get it.”

Some are a bit shocked by Bighead’s support as Trump allegedly sexually harassed Bighead’s wife, Bev Bighead, while dining with her at a Chokey Chicken.

“Not my first pick. She looks shockingly similar to a toad” said Trump in defense of the allegations. “She gained an enormous amount of weight over the course of the show, which must have caused a lot of problems for their marriage, but I think the fact that he remained with her despite all of this speaks tremendously to his character.”

Just so everyone knows, Bighead is a resident of Australia, which means his endorsement has no real-world implications.

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