Trump buys all possible numbers for $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot

Trump lottery

Donald Trump announced today via twitter that he has purchased $584 million dollars worth of lottery tickets.

The strategy of obtaining every possible number combination ensures that the former comedian and current Republican presidential frontrunner will win the record $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot.

“That’s nearly a 200 percent return on my investment in one day,” tweeted Trump. “#Wow #Winning #Blessed #HardWorking.”

Trump added that he really deserved this, and doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t do it.

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6 thoughts on “Trump buys all possible numbers for $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot

  1. He has enough money he don’t need that money. If he does win he need a to share with the homeless war veterans that are currently living in the street.

  2. Unbelievable, wow he is all ready filthy rich but u know that’s the way it goes someone who already has plenty of money wins or someone who has money and 95 years old and won’t be alive to spend it!!! Pisses me off really let someone who truly needs it try to win i pray he wasted his millions he spent on tickets and someone who deserves it wins or no one wins at all but seems like the greedy ungreatful people get whatever they want smh!!! W
    hat a damn shame

  3. If this is the case we all will never have a chance to win ….why take our money to take a chance to win and then post this the night of the drawing. That’s why he waited so late to post it so he would make sure us poor people would buy more ticket’s and build his money up….He’s already one of THE RICHIEST MEN IN THE WORLD !!! WHY WOULD HE TAKE FROM FAMILES THAT STRUGGLE EVERYDAY TO MAKE ENDS MEET TRYING TO HAVE SOMETHING IN LIFE !!!! Who would want him for President? ?????? IF HE TAKES FROM PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD WHAT WOULD THIS THIEF DO IF HE WERE PRESIDENT???? WHY WOULD HE EVEN HAVE A MIND TO WANT TO DO EVERYONE OF US THIS WAY???? Noing we all lost our money and no heart to win!!!!!!!

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