KKK apologizes for mistaking Sikhs for Muslims


Grand Wizerd Billy-Jim Joe-John Randall IV, Esq. of the nonprofit KKK held a press conference addressing recent incidents of Sikhs being mistaken for Muslims.

“I’d like to formally apologize for them (sic) dang fools from our proud Brotherhood for calling Sikhs derogamatory (sic) remarks that should be reserved for Moslums (sic),” said Randall.

The celebrated Mississippi judge further apologized to Sikhs for “neglecting their identity.”

“We honestly didn’t know what a Sikh were until just last week,” said Randall.

Randall also announced that the KKK was privately investigating recent incidents, and that any brother found to have mistaken a Sikh for a Muslim would be required to pass thorough insensitivity training.

Randall promised the Sikh community that they will get their fair share and equal treatment; and that efforts were underway to research and or develop a derogamatory slur just for them.

Local Klansmen, families, and friends were reminded of the annual chili cook off on Saturday.

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