BREAKING NEWS: Obama, Carson exposed as KKK members by Anonymous


A leak of KKK members’ identities has revealed President Barack Obama and presidential hopeful Ben Carson are deep undercover agents of the the racist organization.

The information leak came from Anonymous, a collective of anonymous online activists, hackers and V for Vendetta fans.

Obama held an emergency press conference where he proceeded to draw gasps from the press corp as he wiped away black face makeup.

“First, let me say how amazing it feels to finally be able to finally show my true face and quit my double life of pretending to hide being a Kenyan-born Muslim,” said Obama. “I just don’t know how I let things get so out of hand.”

Obama then drew aws from the press as he said that he has actually grown to love his wife Michelle and their two daughters despite their race.

Sony studios, wasting no time, has secured the rights for a dramcom starring Tom Hanks with the working title “Barackkk.”

When reached for comment, Ben Carson very, very slowly confirmed the leak, but denied that he was wearing black face, adding that he just “really believes in the cause.”

At press time, twitter users were outraged about Obama’s use of black face, and polling showed he was enjoying his highest approval rating ever among Republicans.

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