President Obama nominates Barack Obama for Supreme Court

Obama Phone

President Obama has announced his nomination for Supreme Court Justice to replace Antonin Scalia.

“I know last night I said I intended to replace Scalia in due time,” said Obama. “But after going home and reading Republican reactions I realized there would never be a good time.”

Obama went on to talk about his nomination’s “superb acumen.”

“My candidate is uniquely qualified and learned in Constitutional law,” said Obama. “He has taught Constitutional law at a graduate level, served as a U.S. senator, and as President for nearly 8 years.”

As the gathered press began to piece together the clues one by one, a cascade of gasps emerged, and Obama then revealed the nominee he had in mind.

“As President of the United States I hereby nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court of the land,” said Obama. “And as Barack Obama I am honored to accept my nomination.”

Obama said the nomination was completely Constitutional and that he had Googled for “literally ten minutes” to make sure.

If Obama’s self nomination is confirmed, then he would be the first black Supreme Court Justice.

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