Ben Carson: “I will find out who is responsible for the elevator incident”

carson cut

MIAMI — U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson got trapped in an elevator today in a Miami affordable housing development, to which he expressed discontent on the matter.

Stubhill News’ cutting edge sensitive microphone technology caught most of his statement during his press conference.

“Getting trapped in an elevator made me fear for my life,” said Carson  frantically waving signature switchblade.

“This situation is totally avoidable and I am going to find out who is in charge of this – this elevator problem needs to be dealt with at the highest level,” Carson continued. “I intend to devote every last HUD resource to seeking justice at the national level for this incident. This is clearly a top-down issue, and the man in charge will be brought to justice.”

Carson announced that he would seek to enlist the expertise of the Olsen Twins to investigate the incident.

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