SHOCKING: Trump spills beans on Ted Cruz’s wife

Spill the beans Site

Republican front runner and former comedian Donald Trump made good on a recent threat to “spill the beans” about Ted Cruz’s wife, whose name we are withholding for her privacy.

Trump offered no apology,  and insisted that he only spilled the beans because the can was “too large to get a firm grasp of.”

“I mean, come on folks,” said Trump. “When you make a decision to participate in these kind of things you’re putting you and your loved ones at risk of getting dirty.”

The bean spilling occurred during the GOP’s annual bean eating contest, where party politicians eat baked beans out of a can to show they can relate to the common folk.

A visibly-enraged Cruz used his anger as motivation to power through the 15 cans of baked beans.

Upon completion, he took a microphone from the announcers to issue a warning to Trump.

“You don’t know who I am, you don’t know what I’m capable of,” shouted a trembling Cruz.

All in all, it was another ho-hum GOP Bean Off.

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One thought on “SHOCKING: Trump spills beans on Ted Cruz’s wife

  1. Trump you have gone to far with you constant name calling in total put soya do insults to Everyone! You are a hitler, Putin Chinese you name it! You are a tyrant and the US will suffer extremely if and only if you make president!!! I am a republican but you have gone to far , you do nothing but continually insult and you forget without your first wife you’d be nothing BANK RUPT!!!! She saved your dumb ass, you cannot deny it, so.for once man up! ! This country is fucked if you or Clinton make it, you have absolutely no and I mean NO experience period! You done lost my vote as soon as you put your name in, and you have b
    NO experience nor any military period, you are really become desperate! Sttackig wives, kids, inlawdyetc you are a hypocrite! Live with it. I take you have stock in viagra, ain’t. No woman going to touch you ugly ass! Your a fool live with that again! Hypocritical fool! Joke of the world . Stay being trump not a wannabe politician! Liked you better!

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