Romney demands Trump release tax info, dick pics

Romney Trump Site

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has doubled down on his demands that former comedian Donald Trump release tax documents, while adding a new demand that Trump verify the suggested size of his genitalia.

“I released pictures of my member at the onset of every election I’ve ever participated in,” said Romney. “American voters have a right to know, and if Trump has nothing to be ashamed of, then he should divulge this information immediately.”

The Trump campaign responded by insisting that he would like to provide pictures, but legal restrictions due to an IRS audit are preventing him from doing so.

Romney quickly took to Twitter to reiterate his demands for transparency.

Stubhill News’ lead tax consultant Barry Manilow speculated that additional taxes could be at the root of Trump’s resistance to transparency.

“Theoretically, Trump’s penis could be so large that that it would open him up to additional taxes,” said Manilow. “However, this scenario seems unlikely, as he is extremely old and the fact that his lifetime of behavior smacks of overcompensation.”

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