OJ Simpson “pretty sure” they found the wrong knife

Orenthal James Simpson has announced through his lawyer that he is “at least 90 percent sure” the knife found on his former property wasn’t the one used to kill his wife.

“My client wishes to inform the public that if he had done it, then he’s pretty sure the weapon would have been deposited far away from any place where people might link it to him,” said Marilee Gall-Défance, Simpson’s lawyer. “However, he does admit it’s been awhile, and he is aware that memory can sometimes be faulty, so he is willing to give the knife a 10 percent chance of being the weapon he would have used.”

At press time, creators of FX’s American Crime Story were expressing relief that they wouldn’t have to reedit the finale of their show; as it would really throw a wrench in the show’s production if there were any sense of closure for the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

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