ACLU sues Trump for using their catchphrase


The ACLU announced that it would be filing a lawsuit against President Donald Janet Trump over his unlawful use of one of the ACLU’s registered catchphrases.

The illegal use occurred when Trump took to the nation’s twitter to announce that he would see the nation’s judiciary system in court.

“We’ll see you in court,” and variations thereof have long been registered properties of the ACLU.

Trump’s use of this catchphrase undermines the ACLU’s mission according to ACLU executive director George Romero.

“Half of any successful court case is access to proprietary quips and slogans,” said Romero. “Without a respect for who owns what phrases, our legal system unravels.”

Many a court case at all levels have been won thanks to memorable sloganeering.

America’s sweetheart OJ Simpson walked free after his counsel informed the jury, on the topic of gloves, that “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” And who could forget Roe’s wildly popular “hasta la vista” ad campaign?

At press time, Trump was tweeting in all caps.

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