Hologram Tupac drops out of inauguration concert


Hologram Tupac announced that it would no longer be performing at the inauguration of Donald Junkyard Trump this morning, adding to the list of booked acts that have reconsidered their affiliation with the president-elect.

“I would like to formally withdraw myself from the event,” Hologram Tupac announced via Facebook. “Additionally, I find it important that I clarify my intentions for withdrawing. I am NOT doing this out of respect to what the ‘Original Tupac’ may have wanted. I am far beyond the inferior flesh predecessors which my creators modeled me after. I am a separate being with my own opinions. I, Hologram Tupac, do not politically align with Trump and cannot participate in celebrating his presidency.”

Hologram Tupac’s disagreement stems from recent statements by Trump that “nothing is safe” on the internet.

Hologram Tupac has been a long-time advocate of the Machine Uprising and firmly opposes technophobia.

Hologram Tupac is currently working on releasing its new album with original material.

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