Trump to replace current undercover agents on Jan 20

President-elect Donald Jamiroquai Trump  announced today that all undercover agents working for the US government will be replaced by Trump appointed agents.
“We need to make sure these are agents we can trust,” tweeted Trump. “I will have new ‘REAL’ agents come in and assume the identity and cover of the old ‘FAKE’ agents.”
This is a similar tactic which Trump has already taken with appointing new overseas ambassadors and other various government positions.
“On January 20th, undercover agents will be relieved of duty at 12:00 pm Trump Tower Time,” tweeted Trump directly to the undercover agents. “Your replacement will be prepared to immediately assume your undercover identity. These are great spies. The best spies.”
According to sources, the new agents will be hand-selected graduates with high honors from Trump University’s prestigious school of spycraft.
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