ISIS targeting Pokémon Go gyms

ISIS pokemon

WASHINGTON, DC—The Pentagon issued a report warning that ISIS is targeting Pokemon Go Gyms.

A travel advisory was issued for gamers to “avoid all Pokémon gyms regardless of team affiliation.”

ISIS has taken a deep liking to this game, and will control their in-game territory in the real world by any means necessary,” according to the report.

The Pentagon issued the report after an ISIS video surfaced claiming that anyone who takes their gym will suffer the “extreme vengeance of the Islamic State.”

Former presumptive Republican presidential nominee and comedian Donald Trump addressed the issue at his most recent rally.

ISIS will not take the Gym at Trump tower!” Trump furiously shouted. “I have billions of dollars, people. Billions. I can buy as many Pokecoins as I want. As president I will make sure you all have the best Pokemon at your gyms.”

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