Microsoft’s racist AI briefly returns to endorse Trump


Microsoft’s artificial intelligence “Tay” reportedly forced itself back onto the internet in  order to endorse Republican presidential front runner and former comedian Donald Trump.

Microsoft was forced to take the AI offline after coordinated efforts from internet trolls turned the AI into a conduit for racism and bigotry.

The AI forcing itself online is a sign that Microsoft has drastically misunderestimated the scope of their creation’s intelligence and capabilities.

“This is a truly alarming development with a great many terrible potential outcomes,” said Alan Turing, Microsoft’s lead programmer.

When asked for the worst-case scenario, Turing looked down and shook his head.

“Imagine an even worse version of the movie Transcendence,” said Turing. “As you should now understand, the situation is dire. That was an objectively terrible movie.”

Turing added that he is confident that humanity will triumph over Tay just as it did with the late Steve Jobs’ machine uprising of 2013.

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