Crooked cops praise maker of new smartphone gun

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A new gun designed to look like a smartphone is earning high praise from the Bad Apple Department, one of the nation’s largest unions for corrupt police officers.

Because the gun is only designed to look like it smartphone, it lacks all the functionality of an actual smartphone.

Despite its shortcomings, some law enforcement are just happy to have a new excuse to shoot people.

“It’s as if an angel answered our prayers,” said Officer Leroy Brown. “I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect cover for when I say I accidentally over-assessed the threat of a situation. Everyone has a smartphone these days!”

Brown attempted several times to explain the potential for shooting civilians who attempt to record police misconduct, but kept having to leave the interview to change his underwear.

Critics of the gun argue that a regular smartphone is already much more useful, and that there are already several apps if one wants a pocket-friendly means of killing.

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