Obama: Gun advocacy and penis size correlated

Obama - Gun Link

FAIRFAX, VA—At George Mason University on Monday, Obama was met with much criticism for his recent executive action to gun control.

The evening, which was hosted by CNN, reached a climatic point when the President told an Arizona sheriff that there was a scientific link between gun advocacy and penis size.

“You see, Sheriff,” Obama said with a sigh. “I’m no scientist, but I know a few. They tell me that global warming is real and I believe them. These same scientists just finished another study and concluded something truly alarming: there is a correlation between gun advocacy and penis size.”

The Sheriff, at a loss for words, immediately sat down.

“This study is a most peculiar find,” said Barry Manilow, Stubhill’s senior science correspondent . “The evidence to back this up has yet been published. I’m not really sure I want to read this study. There’s probably a lot of dong pics in it.”

At press time, sobbing could be heard outside of the NRA headquarters.

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