Obama issues executive order outlawing criticism of executive orders


In a sweeping move, President Obama has used an executive order to outlaw all criticism of executive orders.

“With this equal and legal measure, which fairly silences both favorable and negative criticism, I will finally be able to direct the executive and get some peace and quiet around here,” said Obama.

A super-relaxed Obama said he wishes he would have thought of it sooner.

At press time, no one had anything to say about the order.

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19 thoughts on “Obama issues executive order outlawing criticism of executive orders

  1. So the recent crying show was a distraction after all. I knew that. Either a false flag/true colors ISIS, yes we can atttack was to follow it, or something like this. Poor Americans, poor sheeple, poor world !

  2. You’ve got to be kidding!? Whats happened to freedom of speech? Our constitution? Since when does this supercede our constitution & bill of rights? Isnt this still the United States of America?

  3. wlpfrance and norman your about as stupid as Obama.\,,The constitution supercedes any Excucyive order that that idiot can come up with,as much as he would like he cannot silence the critics unlike you poor slobs in Europe which don’t have half the Freedoms that we Americans do

    • Michael, it’s a thing of beauty when people who are so clueless that they can’t recognize something that is obviously satirical, treat it as if it were authentic, and call others stupid for not being as sophisticated in their understanding of it.

      • The funniest thing about this is, when you visualize him, “Ah, now there’s peace and quiet, why didn’t I think of this sooner”

  4. All the more reason to contact your representative in Congress and tell him to stop this. Again, it is constitutionally illegal, and the Supreme Court will tell you that, but you have to sue him first. I have news for OBama………….no way will Republians and some Democrats in answering to their constituents will let him get away with this executive order. Don’t sit back and accept it, take action immediately on each and everything he does illegally.

  5. This action is totally against the my Freedom of Speech and this illegal President can kiss my ROYAL white ass. I fought for this country for 25 years to protect all of our rights in the Bill of Rights and I will be damned if I am going to let this man take them away. Executive Order is just a idea NOT LAW! Read your our Constituion Mr. President. Sure wish we had a smart not a stupid President!!!

  6. He is so full of shut it’s freedom of speech and right to bare arms.Dont and will never listen to him he doesn’t even have a birth certificate to prove he had the right to be in the United States. Much less become a president for America who ever voted him in hope you’re happy

  7. the only executive order I follow is the word of God in the Holy Bible, never follow a man who you know for a fact is going to burn in hell like Obama

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