Police Union accidentally threatens to “surprise” Quintin Tarantino in an interview


The Fraternal Order of Police, a union of more than 300,000 police officers, apparently has a “surprise” planned for Quentin Tarantino.

The planned surprise stems from the FOP’s  apparent inability to separate critiques of police brutality from critiques of police in general.

“Something is in the works, but the element of surprise is the most important element,” warned Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, apparently not realizing how interviews and news reporting works.

The apparent accidental slip of this confidential information was apparently lost on Pasco, as he continued the interview without pause.

“Tarantino has made a good living out of violence and surprise; our offices make a living trying to stop violence, but surprise is not out of the question,” Pasco added, apparently not realizing that violence in movies is not real and is actually portrayed by something referred to in the entertainment industry as “paid actors.”

Apparently, apparently.

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