Captain Marvel’s sandwich-making montage enrages feminists, pleases fans

captain marvel

As the reviews for Marvel’s blockbuster Captain Marvel begin to roll in, controversy has emerged regarding a scene where the titular character makes several sandwiches.

The 30-minute montage has left viewers utterly divided.

Feminists were predictably furious about the scene due to their historical and mysterious hostility toward sandwich making.

Faithful comic book fans were pleased by the inclusion of the scene according to David Virgin, a distinguished fellow from Harvard’s Institute of Nerd Culture, Entertainment and Literature (INCEL).

“This scene is everything us comic fans have been hoping for,” exclaimed Virgin. “The scene was not only faithful to the holy text upon which the movie is based, but it also made women angry while forcing in a nod to comic readers that alienated casual movie watchers.”

The scene services the fans and foreshadows how Captain Marvel will handle Thanos in the next Avenger’s movie.

In the comics, Captain Marvel convinced Thanos to bring back the other half of the population by proving that she can feed them with her sandwich making powers.

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