Harley cooperating with Mueller probe

Mueller Harley

                                                                                 Mueller on his morning commute (June 28, 2018)


Harley Davidson has flipped on acting President Donald J. Trump according to a leaked photo of special counsel special counsel Robert Mueller looking really cool on his hog.

Sources close to the situation say Harley is now fully cooperating with Mueller’s sprawling probe into Russian meddling into the 2016 elections.

A furious Trump wasted no time, decreeing via tweet that he “didn’t even like Harley anyway! ”

Trump’s caretakers said news of the betrayal has left the president despondent.

“The president barely finished his mid-briefing happy meal this morning,” said White House aide Barry Manilow.

“He then fell asleep before the briefing ended,” added Manilow. “Which is odd, because the president loves Fox & Friends.”

In an uncharacteristic press release, Mueller revealed that: “I haven’t felt this alive in years.”

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