Clinton made Trump president to embarrass conservatives, says Alex Jones


The depths of Hillary Clinton’s depravity have reached a new low according to Alex Jones, as he is now accusing Clinton of installing her puppet Donald Trump as president.

“Folks, I don’t know how I could have been so blind to this treachery,” said Jones. “But it’s now obvious to me that Trump is a deep-state plant put their by the Clinton Industrial Complex to make us conservatives look bad. Hillary She-Devil™ Clinton put this man in the oval office to embarrass true patriots into political obscurity.”

Jones, a popular crisis actor and broadcaster within the conspiracy media, engaged in a rare moment of candor by abandoning entirely the Jones persona that is central to his long-running act.

“Folks, this is the first time Alex the man and not Alex the character is addressing you,” began Jones. “When I started this show I didn’t believe any of this stuff. But now I know in my heart of heart that there’s no way such an erratic, low-intelligence man could have gotten this far without a secret government cabal working tirelessly to assure his success.”

At press time, Jones was growing increasingly incandescent.

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