Baker announces plan to privatize MBTA passengers

boston mbta

BOSTON—Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced a progressive new plan in hopes of making the MBTA more efficient through the use of private business.

“Many complaints about the MBTA are related to the sad fact that the public is allowed on it, which creates many delays and inefficiencies,” said Baker at a press briefing. “With my new plan there will be no more public passengers. Our conductors and bus drivers will be able to make every stop with precision and punctuality. The plan is to have all MBTA passengers privatized by 2020.”

Under the plan, the dozens of residents and tourists that use the MBTA will be outsourced and replaced by a third-party company that will hire only the most efficient passengers.

Baker also added that not having public passengers means the “the MBTA will likely be much cleaner” and that the MBTA will become significantly safer as “criminals and terrorists will not ride the bus or train as much.”

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