Scaramucci lands server job at Dick’s Last Resort

scaramucci dicks

BOSTON—Recently shit canned White House Communications Director Anthony Goddamned Scaramucci is set to return to the national fuckin’ spotlight as Dick’s Last Resort has announced that Scaramucci has accepted a part-time server position.

According to Dick’s Last Resort’s management, the Mooch’s boisterous prick nature is a perfect fit for a chain that specializes in rude and demeaning customer service.

According to a spokesmanScaramucci, Andrew Clay, Dick’s Last Resort is far from being Scaramucci’s last resort.

“Being shift manager at Dick’s Last Resort has been his long-term career goal, and his role in the White House was taken for the specific purposes of displaying the necessary skills for the job,” said Clay. “Bada bing bada boom!”

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