White House posts immediate job opening for voice actors


WASHINGTON, DC—An unusual job posting at the White House has been causing a stir in Washington.

The posting with the heading “Voice Actors – Immediate Opening” seeks a sound described as a “wholesome showboat.”

Other traits sought are the “ability to nonfacetiously exclaim ‘lordy” as well as the ability to “refrain from pee jokes.”

The bottom of the post reads: “The US Federal Government and White House is an equal opportunity employer or something. The President did not hire hookers and knows he is recorded when in Russia.”

When asked about the nature of this unusual job at the daily press briefing, White House Press Minister of Propaganda Sean Spicer defended the posting.

“Look, the President is a huge fan of cartoons,” Spicer exclaimed. “Okay? He just wants to produce some great programming. He also might want somebody to talk to him in funny voices, it boosts morale. It has nothing to do with falsifying tapes of his meetings with Comey. Oh, fiddlesticks! You didn’t ask about Comey did you?”

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