Theater offers Black Panther-only screening of new Marvel film

marvelNEW YORK—A cinema in Brooklyn which was recently in the news due to controversial women-only screenings of Wonder Woman is once again in the spotlight.

This time it is due to a similarly-themed showing of the Marvel film The Black Panther, where only members of the Black Panther Party will be allowed to attend.

In addition, the theater is offering a separate exclusive showing featuring a half-off promo to mixed race couples.

Accusations of racism and promotion of “white genocide” have been lobbed at The Alamo from Twitter as well as the basement-dwelling commentators from the comment sections of the Daily Stormer and YouTube.

“We are dedicated to an inclusive and progressive approach to creating a unique customer experience,” a spokesperson for the theater said. “We stand by our decisions to cater to disenfranchised groups and trigger entitled, crybaby white boys.”

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