Mayweather to defend title against United Airlines


It was announced today that Floyd Mayweather would put his title on the line in a match against United Airlines.

The announcement sent shock waves through the burgeoning airline fight community.

United Airline spokesman Pierre Dee Za’star said United had already begun to focus their efforts on preparing for what will be the the biggest challenge so far.

If United wins, it would gain Mayweather’s title, enabling the airline to re-brand.

“We need this title,” said Za’star. “We desperately need to re-brand after a recent spate of bad press. Focus group studies have proven that the public would associate the name ‘Mayweather Air’ with violence far less.”

Za’star apologized in advance for all the beatings that will occur in preparation for the match.

This will be the first cross-industry match up for an airline since Delta Airlines beat Juventud Guerrera for the WCW cruiserweight belt at the 1998 Halloween Havoc.

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