John Oliver and Trevor Noah completely EVISCERATE exaggerated headlines


John Oliver appeared on the Daily Show the other night and completely wrecked online journalists’ collective shit.

The utter annihilation of the digital press occurred after Trevor Noah asked Oliver how he felt about  writers classifying his Last Week Tonight pieces as viscous take downs of the subjects they address.

The two hosts lightly joked back and forth about how this kind of overstatement was kind of silly. Oh. Snap!

If I was responsible for submitting content to a site that bent reality or ginned up current events, then I’d totally be contemplating if I should be allowing my pathetic existence to continue right about now.

It will definitely be a long time before ideologue writers are able to misrepresent events with headlines desperately seeking to garner clicks.

If you’re not squeamish, you can watch the entire interview here.

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