Obama applies to work at Starbucks


Former President Barack Obama made a splash on the internet over the weekend as videos went viral of a crowd cheering him on as he emerged from a New York’s Starbucks.

Stubhill News can exclusively confirm that the 44th president was at Starbucks to drop off an application for an open barista position.

The president has been surprised to find how competitive the job market has become in the last 8 years.

According to Starbuck’s Lieutenant Hiring Officer Kara Thrace, presidential experience may have been impressive in the past, but now employers expect a little bit more from potential employees.

“On top of the tough market, Obama did not foresee the damage the current president would do to what has traditionally been a résumé booster,” said Thrace. “Quite frankly, being ‘president’ is just no longer seen as a big fraking accomplishment.”

According to our source, Obama is only seeking the barista position to temporarily cover the bills until he can find something to do with his law degree from Harvard.

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