Trump demands Knope’s resignation


Former presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump doubled down today on his attempt to control the flow of information from government agencies. Trump has called for the resignation of Pawnee’s sweetheart and National Park Service director Leslie Knope.

In retaliation to recent attempts to limit the speech of government employees and control the information released to the press, an official National Park’s Twitter page began posting science-based messages to follow suit with their own alternative-alternative facts.

After the recent surge of these pro-fact tweets from several other national park departments, Knope has gone on record supporting the movement.

This kind of truth promotion, of course, angered the former-pro-wrestler-in-chief, and he has called for Knope to leave her position “while there’s still a position to leave.”

It is unclear at this time if Knope’s long-time ally, Ron Swanson, will personally be building the chairs for the upcoming match.

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