Excessive number of yard signs sways undecided voter



Another undecided voter has been swayed to vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump thanks to a yard full of Trump signs.

According to William Rhoda, the newest Trump supporter, he couldn’t help but be convinced of Trump’s fitness for the office after laying his eyes on a yard full of over 100 campaign signs.

“Up until now I’d only seen the occasional wooden frames with huge signs mounted on large vacant pieces of land and pickup trucks,” said Rhoda. “Needless to say, I wasn’t convinced.”

While shoveling the last of his granola onto a bonfire in his front yard, Rhoda went on to explain that he was “this close” to voting for Hillary Clinton before catching a glimpse of the yard signs.

“But this— after seeing all these signs, I finally get it and am 100 percent on board and ready to make America great again,” said Rhoda before firing his AR-15 into the sky and telling us to get off his land.

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