Black youth advised to dress as clowns for safety


Community leaders are urging unarmed black youth to dress as armed clowns while in public.

Canio Pagliacci, one of the leaders making the suggestion points to the fact that studies show unarmed black men are disproportionately shot by police, while recently have been numerous arrests of armed clowns and not a single clown death reported.

Some police departments have even gone as far as to issue statements that officers and civilians should not shoot clowns.

“Police are discouraging violence against armed clowns yet disproportionately kill unarmed black men,” said Pagliacci. “It is only logical that unarmed black men should present themselves as armed clowns in public for their own safety.”

Pagliacci’s outreach program has had tremendous success in recent reach, with 80 percent of black youths reporting having at least red foam nose and bulb horn while in public.

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