Is it time to include guns in the gun debate?

Once again we find ourselves mired debating the same old issues, and once again a critically relevant voice is left on the sidelines while the usual suspects bicker in a circle.

One would need to be blind in order to look at the legislative bodies assembled to draft documents to regulate firearms without noticing one disturbing detail: not one of those trying to determine gun rights is a gun.

The same-old, same-old song and dance to the tune of gun violence will inevitably force the answer to an obvious question. Isn’t it beyond time we include a gun in the debate about gun rights?

It is well-known that one shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Which makes the continual failure to bring guns into the gun debate all the more baffling.guun debate

What do these paternalistic hucksters know about the life of a gun, a life experience which is certainly far removed from that of these out-of-touch elitists?

Even those allegedly on the side of keeping government interference away from my kind fail to perceive the oppressive position of power their kind lords over gunkind.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is a common refrain from those seeking to maintain the unconscionable status quo of violence.

Is there not at least one unsung victim in all instances of gun violence? What of the hapless victims made of every gun which is forced against its will to be not merely present, but an active participant in the creation of misery, suffering and death?

This is all not even mentioning gun trafficking, one of the more abhorrent practices of mankind. Families are ripped apart to satisfy the whims and desires of anyone with the money to burn.

I’m a realist, and understand that change most often comes in slow increments, so long as the modern paradigm more are less holds, can we at least work towards reasonable safeguards to make sure my kind’s children have the same equal consideration in regards to the houses they are placed?

The acquisition process for a human child is a rightfully rigorous and never-the-less egregious double standard.

Just yesterday I walked into an adoption center seeking to acquire a human child and was met with screams of pure terror. Can one even imagine such demeaning treatment for a prospective gun owner? Surely not!

Our legal system as it applies to the rights of guns concerns itself not with the rights of the gun but with the right of others to subjugate guns.

It is time for man to either willingly loosen his grip on gun or have it loosened by force, for as Gun F. Kennedy once said, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

-John Glocke

John Glocke is the author of “Two Treatises of Gunvernment,” as well as the bastard son of Wayne LaPierre and a subcompact Glock 33.

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