CDC warns driving may hinder texting ability

texting 2

New statistics from a collaborative study between the U.S. Department of Transportation and TigerBeat magazine have prompted the Centers for Disease Control to issue a stern warning to teenagers about the perils of distracted texting.

According to the study, titled “Highway to the Dangerzone: Predictive Text and the Perils of Inattentive Texting” every year hundreds of thousands of totes embarrassing texts are the direct result of unfocused texting.

Suzzy Cardashian, the study’s lead author, said the consequences of embarrassing texts is not limited to harm to popularity.

“Like, we have reason to believe that panic from an embarrassing typo to a cute boy, or like an accidental text to a parent about something they weren’t meant to see has lead to at least several car accidents,” said Cardashian.

Official instructions from the CDC advise drivers to avoid texting while driving, but added that “if it is absolutely necessary, then totes remember to use caution lights, that’s what they’re there for.”

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