Ashton Kutcher reveals Trump campaign just a prank


Ashton Kutcher has shocked the nation by revealing that the Republican presidential campaign of millionaire and former comedian Donald Trump has really been a prank for a new season of “Punk’d” the whole time.

Kutcher pointed out that early and near-unanimous speculation that the campaign was a prank forced the production team to drag to gag out longer than expected in order to fool everyone.

“We figured that since the other candidates had finally dropped out that most people were convinced that it wasn’t a prank,” said Kutcher. “Man, you guys should have seen your faces! It was siiiick!”

Kutcher and Trump’s professional relationship blossomed over the course of the campaign, and Trump is now on board to co-host a modified version of the show, which Netflix is calling “TrumPunk’d.”

“There are a number of elaborate pranks that made the news over the last few years that we’ve had a hand in,” said Netflix CEO Barry Manilow.

Netflix was only willing to reveal three of the 35 pranks they said will make up the show’s new season, which includes the existence of ISIS and, more shockingly, the deaths of Prince and David Bowie.

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