Quantum Break patch allows players to go back in time and stop themselves from ever playing the game

Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment, the game developer behind Quantum Break, announced that it is set to release a patch to fix a mistake which they described as “releasing a game every bit as uninspired as its concept was intriguing.”

“We’ve been working around the clock to create this countermeasure,” said Remedy’s lead developer. “Once it’s downloaded, dissatisfied players will have the ability to go reverse the flow of time and prevent themselves from ever playing the game.”

Theoretical physicist Barry Manilow said releasing the software could have dire consequences for the continued existence of reality, but if it is a risk worth taking.

“The fact that I’m still speaking is a good sign that time travel will not cause reality to cease,” said Manilow. “However, I still remember playing that boring-ass game, so that indicates that this could still be part of the original timeline.”

Manilow went on to point out that some people must have taken advantage of the patch, as the game’s online ratings are unreasonably high.

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