Experts warn Verizon strike could lead to customer service as bad as Comcast


Experts are warning consumers that the current strike by 40,000 Verizon workers has the potential to lead Verizon customer service to being as terrible as Comcast.

“Admittedly, it would take a lot for this doomsday scenario to happen,” said Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “The odds are slim, but it is a possibility.”

According to the analysis, all that needs to happen is for the negotiations to descend into armed conflict.

“There’s no way the customer support faction could survive sustained assault from the various other factions within the company,” said Gupta. “They may know the office better than most, but the continued functionality of their primary weapon, phones, is dependent on the very people they would be fighting against. While it would be a bloodbath for customer service, the real tragedy would be the sharp decline in customer satisfaction.”

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