Cameron Diaz to star as Maya Angelou in biography

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Cameron Diaz has been announced as lead actress in a forthcoming biographic musical about African American author, poet, and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.

The news comes weeks after controversy involving a white actor being cast to portray Michael Jackson, and right before the Academy Awards which have faced criticism for failing to nominate black film artists.

Diaz promised to give the character a respectful interpretation by fusing Angelou’s personal history with the unique perspective of white culture.

She cited the Broadway smash Hamilton as inspiration.

In Hamilton, creator and lead actor Lin-Manuel Miranda portrays Alexander Hamilton using hip hop as a means to interpret and tell the duel-victim’s history.

Diaz said the film’s main ballad will be a country rock interpretation of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” which is adorably titled “The Caged Birdy’s Honky-Tonk Tweet.”

Diaz said that she spent hours closely observing her birds in preparation for the performance.

At press time, the Academy applauded the move towards diversity and preemptively nominated Diaz for her performance.

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28 thoughts on “Cameron Diaz to star as Maya Angelou in biography

  1. She is a B level actress and is not skilled enough to carry out the project. Does this mean there is not a single Black actress for this part?

  2. Why? This is totally ridiculous, yet Idris can’t play an imaginary character. .As much as I loved Maya, I wouldn’t go see this…

  3. Im so upset w myself right now for not auditioning for this part! Well the leading role to play Diana Ross in Diana Ross’s autobiography is up soon so wish me luck in getting that part yall! Keep in eye out for it, the movie is going to be called “I am Every Woman!” #FingersCrossed

    • Good luck, girl! I totally missed my chance to play Princess Diana many years ago… but I’m hoping in due time I’ll be able to play the Queen :-).

  4. My simple question is: will she be painted black to truely depict Maya’s rich Africanness?

    So Gabriella Union will play Princess Diana in a soon to be released autography.

  5. I don’t know what so many people leaving posts here think is so funny! This is a horribly outrageous thing that Diaz is playing this great poet!!!! It should have been the great actress and model Melania Trump!

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