Sony: 24 new Spider-Man films with giant “Spider-Verse” crossover

Spider verse SITE

Sony has unveiled plans to squeeze every possible penny out the Spider-Man franchise.

The announcement came during a conference call with Sony shareholders.

Marvel and Sony recently struck a deal to share the character within the Marvel cinematic universe.

According to Sony creative chair Edward Octobourn, the Spider-Man universe is full of film potential due to the comic’s tendency to feature Spider-Men from alternative universes.

The plan is to release a new Spider-Man film every two months for four years, with an overarching film connecting all the films at the end.

“There is no need to limit ourselves to the shared Spider-Man,” said Octobourn. “We can and will mine every Spider-Man from every potential universe.”

Octobourn said the films would use not only popular alternative Spider-Men, such as the ultimate universe Spider-Man, Spider-Ham, and Spider-Gwyn, but would borrow from internet meme versions Libertarian Spider-Man and 60’s Spider-Man.

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