Netflix reveals REAL reason Olsen twins absent from Full House reunion


Netflix has announced an exciting secret series the Olsen twins have been working on instead of Full House.

With the announcement that Netflix secured a deal for a Full House reunion, excited fans were met with despair as news spread that the Olsen Twins had declined to participate in the reunion.

Upon being questioned, the Olsen Twins admitted they were occupied with other projects.

The mysterious “other projects” were previously unknown until a recent announcement made by our favorite twins on C-SPAN.

“My sister Mary-Kate and I have been receiving a lot of questions in regards to our future projects,” Ashley said to a sold-out, joint session of Congress on Tuesday. “Although we really wanted to be part of the Full House reunion, we had already signed an agreement with Netlfix for the second season of Making a Murder.”

“After unraveling the case of Benghazi, we rediscovered our passion for delivering sweet, sweet justice.” Mary-Kate chimed in, “With our very particular set of skills, skills we have acquired over a very long career, and the deep pockets of Netlfix we are destined to prove Steven Avery’s innocence once and for all.”

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