Bill Clinton unsure of which candidate to support

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton announced he was undecided about which presidential candidate to support during a recent interview.

During the interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Bill Clinton explained his indecision of which presidential candidate he will endorse.

Clinton dismissed rumors after Cooper asked a question assuming that that he supported Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“I can understand why many draw that conclusion, Anderson.” declared Clinton, “I really like Hillary. The two of us are very close. However, Hillary is one of three really solid candidates in my opinion”

Clinton expressed concerns that she might have trouble due to multiple controversies.

“Benghazi, although I do not find it to be as scandalous as her opponents claim, seems to be having a damaging effect on her public perception,” said Clinton.

“Her husband also has had his fair share of scandals,” Clinton added. “It’s just not good to be tied to so much when you’re in politics, especially when you’re seeking election into the Oval Office.”

Clinton also declared a “deep respect and admiration for Bernie Sanders” and that his campaign is the “most honest and sincere I have ever seen out of a presidential candidate.”

“I was really hoping Biden would run,” admitted Clinton. “He was my guy.”

Clinton also commented on Martin O’Malley, but who cares really?

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