Trump buys all possible numbers for $900 million Powerball jackpot

Trump lottery

Donald Trump announced today via twitter that he has purchased $584 million dollars worth of lottery tickets.

The strategy of obtaining every possible number combination ensures that the former comedian and current Republican presidential frontrunner will win the record $900 million Powerball jackpot.

“That’s nearly a 40 percent return on my investment in one day,” tweeted Trump. “#Wow #Winning #Blessed #HardWorking.”

Trump added that he really deserved this, and doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t do it.

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26 thoughts on “Trump buys all possible numbers for $900 million Powerball jackpot

  1. That’s just plain greed. Who does that. Out of all the poverty going on in the U.S. and he spends $584 million dollars on lottery when he could donate to charity, help rebuild cities, and build 3-4 story homeless shelters for people in need. He could also help out the senior citizens and the veterans! That’s just insane and he needs to just go sit down somewhere.

  2. Really he don’t see why everybody doesn’t do it. Well maybe it’s because not everyone has 5 million dollars to do it. Guess we will just have to take our chances.

  3. He would of had my vote but not now. Lottery is a game of hope and chance. He took both out of the game and just basically said I’m going to buy the lottery.

    • thats what happen when dumb asses like you, decide to have voted for people like trump. go ahead an vote for him dnt change ur mind now, cause u see what kind of person he really is. goofy.

  4. Why can’t the rich leave hope for the rest of us living pay check to pay check? Sorry, not all of us can be as rich and GREEDY as u!!

  5. They made yall buy all those tickets let it get to a billion dollars n kill all y’all dreams of winning it by letting the rich get richer Illuminate ass shit! 💯💯

  6. I think its Hilarious. not to mention half of 900M is 450M which is still a decent amount of money. Play the game and stop complaining. Start a business and make yourself successful don’t hate others for your laziness. I’d do it too if I had 500M to blow why not? Plus how do you know he isnt going to donate it? Or maybe he’s going to use it to refund himself for the campaign hes been funding entirely on his own? For real all you people make me sad.

  7. I have no words to describe such a person, I get he’s a business man but now that’s just greed and greed is a sin and will come back and bite him in the rear and I agree with sending him to lol

  8. That’s jus f****** ridiculous SMH he is one of the richest men in the world an goes an does some BS like that??? Where we do that at? I’m really at a loss for words because it really kind of makes me sick to my stomach… What is this world coming to.

  9. Good for you Mr. Trump. I’ve never heard such a bunch of sour grapes in my life from the people on this site. Hope you win Don. I’ll put my dollar in, it’s all I can afford. You worked for your money, spend it the way that makes you feel good. If I could afford to buy all those tickets and the return was right maybe I’d do the same. Best of Luck to all of us.

  10. is bad enough that he, talks all this SHIT, he a multi-millionaire he should chances for other who real might need it. greed and the world’s greatest sin

  11. what a asshole and this is the person america wants as president never
    Dump Trump he talks about trust please hes a scum bag not to be trusted at all he isnt for the people hes for himself

  12. I will laugh my ass off if several people hit it, then he won’t have any return on his $584 million. WTG Trump – this move just cost you the presidency – Bernie Sanders all the way!!!!

  13. I knew that greedy son of a ***** had his greedy hands in that cookie jar. F***ing douchbag! If he win presidency, I know this world will truly come to a end. He’s the damn Antichrist😈😈😈😈😈!

  14. That’s is ridiculous that he did some selfish shit like that. If he does hit he should not be allowed to collect because he already has enough money. Let other people enjoy life like the fortunate does. Its so sad that he is a selfish bastard. O usually don’t speak like this but fck him

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