The only tip you need to avoid heated political arguments this Thanksgiving


We’ve all been there, a perfectly peaceful Thanksgiving dinner ruined because one person decides it’s time to grind a political axe.

While the situation might seem hopeless, behavioral psychologists agree that this one tip, if exercised correctly, can end any political argument, no matter how tense.

According to mounds of research, one can easily diffuse a heated situation before it gets too awkward by simply grabbing a fistful of stuffing and gently forcing it into the offending party’s mouth.

“It’s a forgotten fact of Thanksgiving that this is where stuffing originally got its name from,” said Harvard behavioral psychologist Barry Manilow.

Manilow advised that it is best to be prepared to shove more mouths full of stuffing, as onlookers might decide to raise objection to your tactic.

While some may be opposed at first, they will quickly reach true understanding once the stuffing overwhelms their sense of taste and subdues the outrage center of the brain.

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