Trump to build wall to prevent emigration to Mexico

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Republican presidential front runner and billionaire comedian Donald Trump elaborated on his plans to build a wall at the Mexico-United States border.

“I don’t want to lose any Americans – some of these losers think they can just hop fence to evade their responsibilities as an American” said Trump. “If and when I’m president, America will belong to me, and I won’t be losing any Americans. I won’t have it!”

Trump also unveiled plans to end American tourism.

“We should focus on American tourism, like the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas,” said Trump. “And let’s not stop there! I am sick and tired of American citizens taking long weekends in Canada – we need to a build a wall to protect this great nation from spending its money elsewhere!”


Cuomo asked Trump if plans for the wall had anything to do with Americans fleeing in the event of a Trump presidency.

Trump defiantly responded with “what kind of stupid questions is that? What? Are you – are you on the rag? America is great! Everyone will stay. I will be so great to everyone, trust me.”

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