Kellogg’s responds to Wheaties beer with Fruit Loops Four Loko

Kellogg’s is poised to release a Fruit Loops-flavored Four Loko in response to General Mills’ release of “Hefewheaties,” a Hefeweizen styled beer marked with the Wheaties brand.

fourlokoFruit Loops brand ambassador Samuel Toucan said the Four Loko offering would be the first in a line of planned “adult-friendly” Kellogg’s products.

“Make no mistake about our intentions, General Mills, this is an act of war,” said Kellogg’s CEO John Bryant. “You thought you could step to this with a beer? Get on our level!”

Bryant then shotgunned a Four Loko before pulling back a curtain to reveal cocaine-frosted variants of the company’s cereals.

The party came to an abrupt end when the police were called.

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