Netflix to release new season of the Cosby Show

cosby netflix gifNetflix announced plans to produce and release a new season of the Cosby Show in early 2016.

According to the press release, Carsey-Werner Distribution paid Netflix to take possession of distribution rights for the show under the condition that Netflix produce a new season with a specific ending.

“It may seem like a controversial move, but Carsey-Werner made us an offer we couldn’t refuse with special terms we were more than pleased to fulfill,” said Netlix spokesman Nethaniel Flecks. “Netflix will attempt to provide the sense of closure the nation needs after the twisted revelations surrounding one of its most beloved comedic icons.”

Flecks revealed several exclusive details about the new season to Stubhill.

The new season will follow the Cosby Family who has relocated to Miami, Florida.

Unlike the other previous seasons, this season will be more dramatic as it focuses on fallout within the family as Cosby’s character faces allegation similar to those the actor faces in real life.

“Viewers will finally get the closure of seeing what silly noises and lovable antics Cliff Huxtable would use in order to avoid facing these serious allegations,” said Flecks.

Flecks said that he didn’t want to give the ending away, but revealed Netflix was in talks to have actor Michael C. Hall reprise a character he portrayed in another show.

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