Teachers Union: ‘Harper Lee ruined our curriculum!’

A week and a half after the release of Go Set a Watchmen, the Association of Teachers of English are voicing their criticism of the new novel as how inconvenient it is to the curriculum.

Harper Lee Book 2015 small gifTuesday night ATE released an expository essay in MLA format that “will clearly demonstrate that the To Kill a Mockingbird sequel, through its deviation from the original character archetypes, has disrupted high school curricula across the country.”

The newest publication stirred controversy when it revealed Atticus Finch, a major role model in Mockingbird, holds racist views against African Americans.

English teachers are outraged as for more than half a century, Atticus Finch was taught to be the model citizen and a man of utmost moral values.

“School curriculums are not easily changed,”said Mrs. Johnson, an ATE member with a four Gold-Star sticker ranking. “It takes years of committee meetings and course revisions. One wrong move and some of the parents will try and ban the book, which brings us back to square one. Now that Atticus Finch is no longer a superior role model, we have a lot of paperwork and red tape to get through to make the classroom material relevant.”

Mrs. Johnson claimed she was “more than pleased” to discuss the complexities of characters in English Literature, but the “sudden change in character flaws means we have to read it, analyze it, and  quickly come up with questions which cannot be answered on Sparknotes alone.”

Mrs. Johnson admitted she was thankful that a summertime release bought her a little more time before school started in September, and she was also “really fucking pissed” that Boo Radley is not present in the new novel.

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