FIFA faces Women’s World Cup bribery allegations

fifaMONTREAL— Further allegations of corruption are plaguing FIFA, the world’s highest governing body in soccer. An anonymous whistleblower recently told Stubhill that the Canadian government took a bribe of $5 million from FIFA to place a successful bid on the most recent Women’s World Cup.

“FIFA doesn’t put much effort into women’s soccer so it’s becoming a heavy financial burden upon countries trying to promote it,” said the anonymous source. “Sepp Blatter pulled us aside and said, ‘look you don’t even need to build a stadium or even use real grass. Just put a bid in so we can get this over with.’  With further bartering we brought his original offer of $5 million in Canadian Dollars to US Dollars.”

“The accusations of female disrespect are completely false,” said Show Vinnest, a spokesman for FIFA. “We here at FIFA love women. We find them very attractive. It is an honor and privilege to host these beautiful women in any country playing the sport we are so passionate about.”

When asked if the Women’s World Cup was being treated equally with the Men’s, Vinnest responded “Of course! They wear the same uniforms don’t they?”

The Canadian government was contacted for comment but they only spoke French.

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