Opinion: Thoughts on the Charleston Tragedy

After the tragic events in South Carolina, we need to have a frank and open discussion about race in America.  How many more Americans need to die before people on all sides of the political spectrum can come together and finally admit that Barak H. Obama is the most racially divisive President we have ever had?  We never heard of things like this under Bush.

There was a time when if a law enforcement officer shot an unarmed black man, we understood that the officer was doing his job, and in the right light a sandwich could look like a knife, gun, or something much more deadly. We accepted the officer was doing what he had to make sure we were safe and that the “victim” was probably a thug anyway.

Now, all anybody wants to do is investigate the officers for doing their jobs. Of course, there is no outrage when I get pulled over and ticketed for something harmless like failing to use my turn signal, running a red light or just maybe going 20 MPH faster than I should.  When will people stand up and shout #WHITELEXUSMATTER.  I submit they never will because of Obama and his attacks on what AMERICA stands for.

As Poe Slaw pointed out in a recent opinion piece, why do we even need black churches anymore?  This clearly shows us who the real racists are. In my America everyone goes to the same church. There is no segregation in Heaven, Santa and Jesus are both white and love everyone equally.

So before we go crazy attacking a 21-year-old boy for sowing his wild oats, or start grabbing everyone’s guns, let’s sit back for a minute and ask who the real racists are. Is it the people who love their history and no less than two of their Constitutional rights, or is it the people that want separate but equal churches?

– Thomas Pain

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